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front / face

The company-center-wiki is a center-wiki for company-wikis especially such that are publicly editable and put out a feed that can be included here. Different wikis for companies have home-pages in the company-center-wiki. See the wiki-list, please.
Read aggregated information about the company-wiki-en on the page en-obm-center-wiki - company-center-wiki.

The sand-box is to try wiki out. You find short wiki instructions in it.
Take a look at the [[messages_from_obm-wiki?]] before writing, please.

We also use [CleanLinking? clean linking] and local names in the company-center-wiki but feel free to write as you want to. CamelCase? works, for example WikiNode.

The company-center-wiki sits in the [[obm-wiki?]]-hive and runs on the free and open source Oddmuse wiki software.


Click face to see the face without the front and to edit the day-page-set.

2008-04-24 Face

obm-wiki-hive / company-center-wiki

obm-wiki-hive / company-center-wiki: face the rss-feed for the face of the company-center-wiki

The company-center-wiki has been started.

It gathers wikis of companies and enterprises presenting them on home pages listed in the wiki-list and it’s a common platform to talk about company-wikis.

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