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The eTerra-wiki-en is a center wiki for web-sites about open money. They have home pages in the eTerra-wiki-en. See our web-site list, please.

The original idea about a global, virtual and non corrupt as transparent money of trust that predated this wiki is the eTerra.

Read aggregated information about the eTerra-wiki-en on the page [[en-obm-center-wiki_-_eTerra-wiki-en?]].

The [[eTerraBank?|eTerra-Bank]] was a first attempt, community-wiki: community-wiki-bank and coforum-wiki: Terra-Bank are newer.

The initial idea for a better use of human intelligence was when the idea of an eTerra started in summer 2003.

The sand-box is to try wiki out. You find short wiki instructions in it.
Take a look at the [[messages_from_obm-wiki?]] before writing, please.

We preferably use local names in the eTerra-wiki-en but feel free to write as you please. CamelCase? works, for example WikiNode. But wiki-node reads better.

The eTerra-wiki-en sits in the [[obm-wiki-hive?]] and runs on the free and open source [[Oddmuse?]] wiki software.

Press “control” + “+” (or “-”) to adapt to your size of screen (Firefox).


2009-07-20 Face

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plenty of new

Technically there are plenty of new collaboration possibilities in the eTerra-wiki-en. It is tightly integrated into the wiki-net.

Check out the open money chat, the open money ting, the Mµs tag OpenMoney (including many µblogging services and updating within two minutes), the net clips open money, …

2007-08-23 Face

obm-wiki-hive - eTerra-wiki-en

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The eTerra-wiki-en also serves as a center-wiki for web-sites about transparent open source money

Nevermind the baby has a name already. We can always call it differently later ;)

Fractualization? Where else is the fraction if not between different wiki-engines that can’t include contents properly into each other? Not to dilute attempts on the b&f-watch-wiki but to try out and use all available capabilities - and also as there has been some progress on the applied idea of the “center-wiki” recently - the eTerra-wiki-en will hop in as a center-wiki and gather web-sites about new money and bank & finance 2.0 on home pages for them. We’ll see what can be done better in the eTerra-wiki-en and what turns out to be done better elsewhere. Ok?

Check our web-site list, please.


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