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front - face

front - face

The en-obm-sand-wiki is to try out wiki - including the creation of new pages - in the obm-wiki-hive. Read more about it in the sand-box. You should take a look at the [[messages_from_obm-wiki?]] before editing.
Read aggregated information about the en-obm-sand-wiki on the page obm-wiki-center-en - en-obm-sand-wiki.

Other sand-wikis are the

We also use [CleanLinking? clean linking] and local names in this wiki - but feel free to write as you want to. CamelCase? works, for example WikiNode.


Click face to see the face without the front and to edit the day-page-set.

2007-02-08 Face

obm-wiki-hive / en-obm-sand-wiki

obm-wiki-hive / en-obm-sand-wiki: face the rss-feed for the face of the en-obm-sand-wiki

An example for a post to the day-page-set “face”

Your face is kinda attached at the lower end of your head’s front, innit?
So is the face to the page front - face.

You talk to the public using the face. The face is syndicated to pages called wiki-net faces of wikis in our wiki-net. The communities of these wiki have subscribed wikis to their pages wiki-net faces to be able to follow their ongoings locally. They can change the selection of the most interesting neighbors they are watching. So on the face please write interesting posts about what is going on in your wiki. Don’t flood the wiki-net. One or two posts to the face per week should do.

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