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This is the main wiki in the obm-wiki-hive wherein obm stands for open business models.

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How to use this wiki

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How To Get Started With Developing Your Open Business Model Here

So, you have an OpenBusinessModel idea that you want to develop, how do you work on it here?

  1. ReadThisFirst? !!!
  2. Decide if your idea resonates with the WikiHiveMissionStatement?, and with OpenBusinessModel principles.
  3. Stop by EnObmCenter:Talk, click on edit the day-page "talk" for today and introduce yourself.
  4. Visit EnObmCenter:StartANewObmWiki to learn how to create your own wiki.

What is a Wiki?


See also: MeatBall:WikiWikiWeb

What is a "Wiki Hive"?

A WikiHive? is:

  1. A set of loosely-to-closely connected wikis that usually all reside on one webserver. For more infromation, see ObmWikiHivePattern?.
  2. A space that allows instant wiki creation. (See: EnObmCenter:StartANewObmWiki for more info).
  3. Usually based around WikiNet principles, using NearLinks?, InterWiki? links, SisterSites? (see the bottom of any page for the same page on other sites), and other InterCommunity? tools. This helps create and coordinate a KnowledgeCommons? based on TrustedLinkLanguage?, and a KnowledgeCollective? of people who share similar interests.

For ongoing community discussion and wiki-topics go to the suitable wiki-center of the obm-wiki-centers for different languages, please. This wiki is the main wiki in this [WikiHive? wiki-hive] and it is meant to be a central gathering space for general OpenBusinessModel concepts, theories, and principles.

The obm-wiki-list is the wiki where all the listing and categorizing goes on for the obm-wikis living in the wiki-hive.

You can create a new obm-wiki instantly.

A Wiki Hive On A Mission

Every community benefits from having a MissionStatement?.

The mission of this hive is to explore, build, and test models and theory of the dynamics of business, and exchanges of value around OpenContent?, OpenSource? software, and Commons and KnowledgeCommons? based products, services, and economies. One of the core goals of OpenBusinessModelsWikiHive? is to assist and enable the PassionateUser?. This WikiHive? also acts as a development space for OpenBusinessModel and OpenContent? project proposals.

The Mission of this particular wiki

The MissionStatement? of this Main:HomePage wiki is to act as a central seeding and support MotherWiki? for this WikiHive?. It is also intended to be a staging area for launching of other wikis, and a central TheoryBuilding? space, and KnowledgeCommons? for OpenBusinessModel(s) based around OpenContent?, OpenTheory?, OpenKnowledge?, TrustMetric?, OpenValueNetwork?, CollectiveProblemSolving?, enabling the PassionateUser?, and more.

This is a Wiki:ContentCreationWiki. This means there is an incompleteness in what resides here.

The general idea is to:

This is TestingTheoryThroughAction?.


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