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front - face

Welcome to the the [[hive-wiki?]]. It’s a center-wiki for wiki hives.

A wiki hive is a web-site where you can create a new wiki instantly without being asked avoidable questions.

The center-wikis in different wiki hives have home pages in the hive-wiki. See our hive list, please.
Cross wiki hive socializing and helping on the development of a common [['wiki-net'?]] are the tasks of the hive-wiki.
Read aggregated information about this wiki on the page hive-wiki - hive-wiki.

The sand-box is to try wiki out. You find short wiki instructions in it.

Find out about the structure of the hive-wiki on the pages wiki-net grid as well as connected web-services, search queries or
soup, explained soup, explained. Elucidation about its wiki-net comes with the page
wiki-net,explained wiki-net, explained.

The talk is good for first hellos, questions, news of the day, etc. Our wiki-node connects us to our neighborhood.

We use irc.freenode #wikinet for real-time cross-hive communication.

More information on different wiki hives can be found on wiki-books: How to start a wiki?

Initially when launched the hive-wiki was intended to help on the development of a multi-engine wiki hive. That idea is not forgotten.

We preferably use local names to create links but feel free to link as you please. CamelCase? works, for example WikiNode. But wiki-node reads better.

The hive-wiki sits in the [[obm-wiki-hive?]] and runs on the free and open source [[oddmuse?]] wiki software. Admitted, we also use not free software. The page about the hive-wiki tells how the hive-wiki came about.


2014-02-18 Face

obm-wiki-hive - hive-wiki

face [[obm-wiki-hive_-_hive-wiki_-_face?]] face-feed [en]


The hive list hive list is still very outdated. The rest of the [[hive-wiki?]] has been updated.

2008-04-19 Face

obm-wiki-hive - hive-wiki

[[obm-wiki-hive_-_hive-wiki_-_face?]] face-feed

The hive-wiki moved to the obm-wiki-hive

The function of a “fake”-wiki-hive to make a connection between the wiki-net hives and the many free wiki hosts in wikilandia (see the hive list) that are not yet supporting the wiki-net is important. Having tags enabled, the background colors for languages and several other features semt worth the effort to move the [[hive-wiki?]] from the [[odd-wiki-hive?]] to the [[obm-wiki-hive?]].


Look into our face or click the eyebrows to see earlier faces and to edit the day-page-set.


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