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Welcome to the ppp-wiki-en!
This is the public-private-property-wiki in English.

The topic of this wiki are thoughts and experiments concerning public private property. Read more about it on the page public private property.

Use the talk to speak about public private property. Everything of contents may and shall be moved to new or existing wiki pages by whomsoever.

In the sand-box you find short wiki instructions and space for first attempts at wiki-walking. A preparative glance at the [[messages_from_obm-wiki?]] is recommended before writing.

It is not required to register to edit pages or to create new ones. Good wiki-style is entering your RealName before first saving a page (the entry is saved in a cookie). Allthough nobody has to do so.

To link to other pages we preferably use local names. The CamelCase? spelling for page names works - for example WikiNode - but wiki-node reads better.

The ppp-wiki-en runs on the free open source [[Oddmuse?]] wiki-software.


2009-02-05 Face

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the free software idea ported to physical goods

You can easily copy software, you can not (that easily) copy physical goods, admitted.

What if things you own but most of the time you do not use were “in reach”? With a feed telling you by whom in your neighborhood the good is currently used and where to pick it up? Like the classical drilling machine for example.

On http://publicprivateproperty.org the public private property idea has been started up. The [[ppp-wiki-de?]] and the ppp-wiki-en try to contribute. They offer Mµ2wiki - that is messages on [[identi.ca?]] or [[twitter?]] hashtagged #PublicPrivateProperty are included into the bar to the right and into [[ppp-wiki-de_-_Leiste_rechts?]], the capability to aggregate the feeds of related web-sites plus some further “feed juggeling” that earlier or later might turn out to be useful.

See the page public private property for more.

Also see work we are doing here:


so far, using mercurial, bugs everywhere, a system that can model geomoetric and parametric data, hatta.py as a documentation utility the third item, the modeling, is the most work.

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