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    Mbgunsling Bardach Is a denizen of the Second Life Military Community. He is most well known for his Position as a New Jessie Administrator, Former 2IC of Grim Troops, and Alliance Navy Space Vampire.
    [[File:MB.png|thumb|289x289px|A typical day in Deshima.]]
    Mbgunsling Bardach, femboi extraordinaire, edgy poster of edgyness, the kittenlord incarnate. He used to be an admin at New Jessie, as well as being in some militaries like Alliance Navy.
    He used to be a [http://www.despairingly.com/Mbgunsling-Bardach.html female] apparently and had a "Fetish" for building and clothes. Although now he spends a good chunk of his time on forums screaming for attention.
    Currently he is in the Second Life Military known as Ark Combat Force.[[File:MB gunsling.png|thumb|298x298px|Indeed he still has a fetish for nice clothes. ]]



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