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Crest, the toothpaste people, are trying out the idea of publicly-generated slogans through a Youtube contest called What's Your Catch Phrase. No matter that “catch phrase” is a way less sexy term than “slogan”, by using Youtube, they’ve encouraged people to create whole ads which is much more than what they were asking for, and generally much uglier in the results. The prize is $5000, a total bargain if they get a good slogan out of it.

The sloganeer-wiki is a bliki (WikiBlog?) for the Sloganeer project, and has been developed by the Open Business Models Wiki-hive, which also hosts it.

This wiki is where we are developing the idea of Sloganeer, conceived as a creative tool for the exploration of organization, collective, company or group identity. Read more about sloganeer, please.

If you don’t know about wikis, they are a kind of web space that can be edited by anyone. You can edit this page, for example, by clicking on the Edit This Page text in the right hand margin. At the moment, everything on this wiki is open and editable. If you are interested in this project and in participating in the development of Sloganeer, please introduce yourself by email.

If you don’t have experience with wikis, you might want to try some things out first; you can play in The sand-box. You’ll find short instructions there on how to write on a wiki.

This wiki runs on the Oddmuse wiki software which is free / open-source software.
We also use [CleanLinking? clean linking] here - but feel free to write as you please (CamelCase? works, for example FrontPage).
You should take a look at the messages from obm-wiki before editing.

The Sloganeer Blog

The Sloganeer Blog, which used Wordpress, was hacked. Google Analytics picked it up and posted a warning page on the blog. The fix seemed to be to upgrade, but the hack made it impossible to get into editing mode to upgrade or to delete the hack-inserted tags and otherwise clean it up. I’m pretty much fed up with Wordpress. This is the second time this has happened and when this is unpaid work, it’s simply impossible to take hours and hours to sort this stuff out…. Perhaps the lesson is to use the blog within this wiki instead eh!

Exactly what happened to the blog is well-described here: http://www.pagespank.com/2008/03/01/upgrade-wordpress-or-risk-getting-flagged-as-badware-by-google/

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