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C’est l’endroit où vous pouvez laisser des messages si vous aimeriez parler de quelque chose en public. Ce site étant un wiki, il vous suffit de cliquer sur ce lien pour ouvrir la page en édition. Sinon, vous pouvez chercher le calendrier dans la barre de navigation et ouvrir une nouvelle PageDate – même si cela pourrait vous sembler trop permanent si vous voulez juste faire un chat asynchrone. Oui utilisez cette page pour faire de la discussion asynchrone. De temps en temps je viendrai passer l’éponge sur ce tableau blanc.

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Mai 2007

Xtof, here is currently the closest I can come to implementing MicroformatsOrgCss, without the php files from the theme:

I have the css installed, and the background images imported over to that server. I’ll have to go through the php files of the theme to see what is stopping the rest of it from working. Once I have a useable WordPress theme, we can copy it to http://microformateurs.orgSamRose

Hi Sam, Feel it could be cool ;) Sorry to be unable to help for the moment. Need to sleep and I’ll come back soon… great thanks for your help. – Xtof

Avril 2007


Major apologies, lost some pages due to an attempt to create an automated script that updates pages. Was able to restore up to Apr 14 2007. Very sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. I know that you lost some recent pages. Will have more frequent backup schedule from here on out to ensure integrity. – SamRose

No problem Sam for the outage. The last Tantek’s translation is still elsewhere and I have note forgotten that it’s StephaneGigandet? which coined here the Code HTML Intrinsèquement Classe ;) Anyway I’d be happy if you’ve some time to have a talk with you this weekend about future MicroFormateurs design ? – xtof

Thanks for understanding Xtof. I’ll be setting up a seperate “sand” wiki hive to test future scripts and hacks on. Really sorry about it, and will work to avoid at all costs in the future. Also, I’m moving backups to every other day instead of every other week.

I have time to talk to you tomorrow, by Skype, if you’d like, or I can call your regular phone. I’m available after 1:00PM EST (about 7:00PM CET). Do you think that would work for you? Otherwise, I am also open on Monday and Wednesday, pretty much all day. Look forward to talking with you. And thanks again for understanding about my script hacking gone wong. Won’t happen again. :)SamRose

Hi Sam, Ok to have a phone call via skype after 1:00PM EST. And I just retrieved an old translation about CommentTraduirePosh in my newsreader. Nothing is ever lost in RSSland ;) – xtof

Xtof, thanks so much for sharing the expense with me. It really helps these days, as I am trying to get my business on it’s feet.

I jotted down the amount at ExpenseSharing here on your wiki, incase it is needed for a later example. If you need any help or decide you want any add-ons or themse for Wordpress, don’t hesitate to ask. – SamRose

March 2007

Hi xtof, if you can tell me what namespace you would like, I can take a crack at migrating your wiki over the next few days. Do you want “Xtof”? – SamRose

Oh Sam. Sorry to reply so late. Great news. Currently working on OpenID, OnlineIdentity?. Still interested to keep this nickname as a SerialIdentity? ;) Keep cool, we have time in our WikiNet. I really don’t mind even if xtof could be funky. It’s just a new experimental i-name. Thanks a lot. – ChristopheDucamp


Do you think this will work for you as a namespace?:

I tried to just use Xtof, but there is an issue with that namespace not showing in HiveChanges?, and BarCampBank namespace, too. I am talking with Alex about now. So, if you don’t mind XtofWiki, then I’ll leave it as that. – SamRose

Done! See MigrationReport for more info. – SamRose

Décembre 2006

le Bliki de LaurentLunati semble buggé. Impossible de le déspammer. La discussion pour le relancer figure sur

Define external redirect: OnlineIdentity AlexSchroeder SerialIdentity HiveChanges OddMuse StephaneGigandet